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Welcome to Music Around the World – Cake Notes! On October 1st the world celebrated International Day of Music! Music Around the World – Cake Notes is a cake collaboration of 41 cake and sugar artists from all over the world, representing 24 countries and presenting the music made around the world. You can see all the creations together in our gallery, as well as the individual albums with details of every piece. For each piece there is a video that illustrates somehow the presented piece, so you can not only appreciate the beauty of the creation but also the music itself. A collaboration to appreciate with all your senses… <3

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This was one of my cakes. I wanted to make a cake that would represent my countrry, Portugal. A _Tuna_ is a musical group, that consists mainly of string instruments, and usually also percussion instruments like bass drum and tambourine. The Tuna can be presented as a mere instrumental ensemble (its first origin) and in the version voice and instrument (currently in vogue). This work represents the "Academic Tuna" a group of higher education students. One of the figures that stands out in an academic tuna, and that always fascinated me in my university student days, is the Tambourine player (_Pandeireta_) which sometimes presents an almost acrobatic show. This caricature is my tribute to portuguese "Tunas" and excellent "Pandeitetas" that exist in our universities. !http://res.cloudinary.com/cd/f_auto/Picture6_mdjj8y.jpg!




In this video is a performance of the Coimbra University Tuna with a great tambourine players (Pandeiretas) exhibition.

I’m really grateful to all the fabulous artists that accepted to join me in this musical collaboration. I’m really glad to be at the side of all this talent!

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