The Night King Bust Cake

The Night King Bust Cake on Cake Central

This is cake made for my nephew's 17th birthday. It's not really the cake I intended to make, in the sense that the cake structure snapped inside (I used cake frame) and the cake crumbled into it's little mess. With four hours left until my sister collected it, I really thought this cake was dead, Jon Snow style ;) However, I was able to save it with what little cake I had left haha. First time I've made and used modelling chocolate and have to say I love it. So easy to blend and strong, don't know why I shied away from it. It's not perfect and some things I wish were done differently, but this is my second bust cake and is all part of the learning experience :)

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I think this is awesome. I love making 3D Cakes and have had some deep panic moments figuring things out. Had to show your cake to my husband who was blown away:)

carry on making amazing cakes