Fallout Vault Boy Cake

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Fallout Vault Boy Cake for my dad's birthday with nuka cola caps

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Haha! Good job.

My husband would love that. But he's already got a fallout toolbox for Christmas, with CRAM, nuka-cola, screwdriwer, bottlecaps, bobby pins, a fallout boy bobble-head, and all that. Not a cake, just an assortment of stuff.  


Thank you @LelekBolek ‍ I'm glad you like it. Yea I did the same for my boyfriend (I'm surrounded by fallout freaks haha), but thought it was fitting for my dad as he loves modding the games :) 


@Mazza92 ‍ I gave up years ago, and joined the fun. I am a "back seat gamer" - I sit next to my husband, while he plays, and give helpful insights. Of course, we cannot spend so much time anymore, as we used to, because kids. So we don't read every "comic book" and "journal", but it is fun to run around Fallout-land or Skyrim sometimes LOL

Hm. I thought I could attach photos in comments, but I guess not. Oh well. Wanted to show the "tool box". it was funny.