Chibi Deadpool

This is what I came up with this year for my boyfriend’s birthday, a Chibi Deadpool. I (sort of) followed the Princess and Superhero cake course by Avalon Yarnes. Maybe some day I’ll watch it in full to see how I was supposed to do it…

His head is cocoa banana cake with peanut butter buttercream covered in ganache. The lower part of his head is RKT (I’ve included a photo to show how he started out). His body is 50/50 modeling chocolate/fondant with fondant details. His unicorn stuffie is also fondant.

I saw the sword online and had to have it for this ocassion. It’s a product by Fred and Friends called the Cake Samurai Cake Slicer. It suited the cake and gave everyone a laugh :-)

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and it seems Bea Arthur was the highest paid cameo in the movie!  lol

I have too much random stuff shaking around up there in my head!