Personalized Candy Crayons

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Candy melt crayons wrapped in sugar sheets with personalization for school EOY celebrations!

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Thanks!  The client LOVED them!  And they were fairly easy to make despite my worry that the sugar paper wouldn't stick to the melts. :)


Thaks you!  Here's what I used:

Sugar Sheets

Ediblie Ink printer

Candy melts in desired colors

Piping Gel

Misting bottle of choice

Crayon label template (I will upload it as soon as I can figure out how to share it)  

Crayon Candy mold

First I made a few candy crayons and measured to make sure I could print a label that would fit.  Next I designed the labels.  (I will try to upload that but I am not sure where toput it??).  Since I cant seem to post it, I just added a 1.5"x 2.5" (hxw) rectangle to my word document, changed the color to what I wanted, Added a black oval, two vertical black lines and then text to the oval.  Next I put another 1" rectangle above the 1st rectangle and one below it to create the overlap on the back of the candies.

Then I just personalized each as needed and printed them.  I let my sugar sheets dry about 30 minutes then bag them or cut them if needed right away.  

Next I molded the crayons in the colors I wanted.  After they were ready (I trimmed off the little lollypop stick end that formed because this is a lollypop mold.), I cut out my labels and placed them face down on papertowels.  Then I misted them with water (only 1 squirt each), waited 2 minutes and applied piping gel.  Finally I placed the labels on corresponding crayon colors and wrapped them completely around so the paper stuck to itself in the back like a candy bar wrapper.  All done.  

These were a little too large for the cupcakes but only by like 1/2" The cupcake carrier I had didn't want to close well unless I repositioned the crayons but it worked.  I hope it helps and Good luck!