Blossom Bloom

My Fairy “Blossom Bloom” I made for Away with the Fairies Centrepiece. Blossom Bloom lives in the magical woodland. She can only be seen when the first flowers begin to blossom. She wears a dress with a taupe crocheted top and soft white broderie skirt. In her hair she wears a flower crown. She has silvery orange butterfly wings. She is all hand modeled, and made of saracino sugarpaste.The blossoms are made of gumpaste. She flew all the way from The Netherlands to Ireland. The moment I let her go, I missed her already, but happy to hear she arrived safe and sound, and settled herself high in tree of the woodland centrepiece. After that she was sold by auction for the wonderful charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie “National Children’s Cancer Charity” in Ireland.

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