Handpainted Cake

A cottage and roses - cake.

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who doesn't love a thatched roof cottage and this one is perfectly enchanting -- just looking for some woodland nymphs/sprites to come bounding over the roses -- from the least polka dot to the gnarliest branch just serenely spectacular 

(and the board look what you did to the board -- brilliant!)


My dear, dear friends, please excuse my way too late answer. :(

I've been travelling for some time after the cake was postet and I didn't manage to Write even a single Word back to you.

I am so thankful for every second of Your time, bless you for Your support, it gives one strenght to og further and give even more.

<3 <3 <3


Fifi, an I love your comment!!! Thank youuuuu!!!

A big, big hug <3

We had a Nice class on this cake in Copenhagen and everybody got it just wonderful! I was so happy :)