Under The Sea Birthday Cake!

Had so much fun creating all the details for this cake! 8", 6", and 4" chocolate fudge cakes with dark chocolate buttercream filling, then covered with fondant. Almost everything on the cake is edible (the birthday sign stick is one of the few things that's not)! Mermaid, shark, and sign post are gumpaste. Coral, seaweed and animals are fondant. Skull is solid white chocolate with fondant accents. Large shell to his left is hollow white chocolate, and I put a sprinkle that's shaped and colored like a large pearl underneath it. Sand is made of small rice cereal and crushed graham crackers. Small colorful anemones are sprinkles. Rocks are chocolate rocks. Royal icing bubbles. Clams are made of two white chocolate shells with fondant innards. Treasure chest is made from molded milk and white chocolates, and is filled with mini-M&Ms and various sprinkles that look like gold coins and jewels. Gumpaste buoy and sign. Waves are fondant with royal icing "foam."

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