Fox On A Log

Fox On A Log on Cake Central

made this for my daughter, she fell in love with the fox in Carlos' book

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i looove this little fox,i want to cuddle him!!

and this log!!waw!so realistic!!i ve tried so many times to achieve this result,but no way!!

would you mind sharing the process,please,did you use a mold?did you paint it?

thanks for sharing,and congrat'!!


hi,  I used the Apple Bark mat which is amazing. I actually painted it but they recommend dusting which I will try later lol. It's not hard to use and doesn't take much time, I put a thin layer over the top of the edges a must with your ganache...and then marked it with the lines. the bark was done in sections, the mould allows you to merge the pieces together with no gaps. i used the tutorial from Ciccio Cakes, realistic wood tutoria for tips and all the suppliers are there for the mould etc.


thank you very much for sharing the process,the result is gorgeous!!

i will try to find this mould and give it a try (ciccio's tutorial is for sale?do you really need it if you have the mat?)

anyway,thank again,happy caking