Fairyland Cake

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Made this for my daughter's birthday. It was hard work working with silicon moulds because I was using plain fondant and had no idea of the best way to use them. The instructions that come with the moulds are minimal and you learn through trial and error. By the time I had finished this cake, I said never again! There was also the issue of making the cake, filling it and then tasting the leftover cream and cake which I found to be too sweet and soft. So I scrapped it and started from the beginning. As the shops were closed, I had to use buttercream to fill the cake. The restaurant we held her party at put the cake into their freezer by mistake and we couldn't cut it. I felt so upset and ashamed! Then we got home and my daughter said 'now that it is all over, how about we have a piece of the discarded cake?' And I cut into it and it was fluffy and airy and oh so delicious. I then realised that I should never taste my cakes after a lot of hard work and tiredness because my taste buds do not work properly. As for the runny-ness of the cream filling, this does happen in high temperatures but it always sets nicely once chilled. Lesson learned.

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