Rustic Buttercream Cake For Barn Venue

Rustic Buttercream Cake For Barn Venue on Cake Central

3 tier chocolate with salted caramel espresso chocolate filling. 15 little rows of upside down white buttercream ruffles on the center 6" tier.

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Very nice! Curious...if you don't mind sharing... what size are the tiers? How many servings? What do you charge for a wedding cake like that? I am a hobby baker, and have only done one wedding cake (for my brother) and have been asked by a coworker to make one for her daughter's wedding. Just kind of researching some pricing. Thanks!


The tiers were 8", 6" and 4". I didn't measure the height but they were all 2 layers tall. Not sure how many servings it was since the cake was meant for cutting only with 300 cupcakes for the dessert. I did the cake and cupcakes for a close friend of our family as a wedding gift. I don't have a shop and don't bake for retail sale.

You may want to check out bakeries in your area to see what they charge per serving on their websites as pricing is somewhat regional. It also depends on how intricate the design is and if they are asking for fondant or chocolate or lots of detail (equals lots of hours for you!) You probably wouldn't want to charge what a bakery would charge since you have no overhead. There are lots of serving/cutting guides available for free online to figure out how many servings your cake will be. Wilton has some charts for wedding and party size servings so make sure your coworker specifies the serving size.

My experience is that I always undercharge and spend way too much time for it to be profitable. Which is why I only bake for close friends and family. Also, once the word got out that I was baking for someone at work, suddenly EVERYONE wanted me to bake something for their kids, spouse, their cousin's cousin and so on. Just be aware that it might be uncomfortable for you to turn others away unless you want to be inundated with requests.

Sorry that I can't be of more help but pricing is such a variable. Try to value your time fairly so that you won't be sorry you said yes to the cake.

Best of luck to you in your baking adventures!