Vintage Festival Crates

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Crooked cake with painted on buttercream to achieve the "old wood" look. Logo on middle tier was an edible image. After delivery there was an accident where someone actually sprayed the cake with a hose for about 20 seconds! Thankfully nothing on our dessert table was ruined. =)

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That's the craziest party, it wasn't damaged!  =)  It was an outdoor event with dirt flooring.  Someone was lightly spraying the ground as we were setting-up our table because the wind was up & dust was getting on our food... even a box lid flew at the cake & thank God when I took it away the lid didn't damage the cake (well, I fixed a corner)... When the guy spraying the hose was done he dropped the hose & was going to wrap it up from the faucet - it landed on the handle & just started spraying at my table.  I had decorated sugar cookies that looked like grape bunches - I was SURE the royal icing was going to be ruined - they were enhanced!  So weird! ...I was covering the cake as best I could with my body & YELLING, "TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!", and laughing at the same time, because it was too incredible!  So anyway, between dust, flying boxes & water - we could not be stopped, we one Best Table at the event!  =)  hahahaha.... so, it's thankfully a fun story & not quite a disasterous one!  =)