Cute "little" Elephants

Cute "little" Elephants on Cake Central

I made these cookies for one of the students in the lab for her birthday as she is a huge elephant fan. They are sugar cookies with royal icing & a fondant flower.

I ordered the cutters online (Mix and Match Animal Cutter Set by Autumn Carpenter). I am generally very careful in reading product descriptions before I order online but I neglected to do so with these. I was really quite surprised when I opened the package as they are really big!! One batch of sugar cookie dough only made 6 elephants. They measure about 6" trunk to behind & are about 5" tall which is why I called them “little”.

She was tickled pink with them :-) Her reaction was thanks enough as she almost started to cry & then hugged me twice, but then she went on to thank me several times throughout the day. I think she liked them……lol. Hope you all do too.

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I love them. Really cute! I love the fact that they're big. Going to check Autum's cutters now. Thanks for putting the name of the cutters there. I took a class with her at Craftsy and loved it.


Thank you imagenthatnj & you are welcome for including the name of the cutters.  Which class did you take with her?  Maybe I'll look in it.