Nurses Week Cake

I made this cake for my mom’s unit for National Nurses Week. I had quite a difficult time with the white chocolate transfer method that I found over on The Cake Blog. The white chocolate that I poured for the bottom layer I guess was still a little too warm and melted the EKG line that I had painted on first, so I ended up doing it over in plain white and then painting on the red EKG by hand once it was on the cake. Then I let the chocolate set up too long before wrapping the top tier (which is why there’s so much cracking and you can see the big blobs of white chocolate I had to use to glue the pieces together). I would have redone it completely if I had had more time, but thankfully mom and her coworkers are willing to be my guinea pigs without demanding perfection! I also got to try out a little bit of modeling for the first time and pretty pleased with the results. Definitely learned some lessons with this one but had a lot of fun trying out some new techniques!


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