Dragon Cake

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I made this Deadly Shadow dragon cake for my daughter's 9th birthday. He has three heads (the eyes on the middle head light up), two tails and six legs. He is made from white chocolate mud cake, dark chocolate ganache and white modelling chocolate, all decorated in fondant which I textured and airbrushed. One of the heads is eating a fish and his teeth are dripping with blood. The wings are gum paste, and the eyes are isomalt. The dragon eggs are white chocolate mud cake with ganache and fondant, and the egg which is hatching (with a baby dragon claw reaching out) is gluten-free chocolate cake with ganache and fondant, for a girl who is Coeliac. On the board are rocks made of RKT covered in marbled fondant, and for the party I filled them with dry ice to give a smoky effect. The banner is hand painted gum paste. He was eaten in ten minutes, and the most popular part was the wings, although the modelling chocolate heads were quite popular too!

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