Splashing Fish Cake

This cake was inspired from a design made by the talented Cake o Clock and was made for a gentleman turning 62. The fish is fondant and the water splash is made from isomalt (Don’t worry, although the fishing rod is made from wire, none of this is physically touching the cake) :)

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My husband is an avid fisherman.  I'd love to know how to make a fish like this coming out of a cake.  He'd love to have a cake like this for father's day or his birthday!  Where did your learn how to do this?


The fish is made from fondant and the water splash is made from melted isomalt made to drip.  I didn't learn it anywhere, it is just experimentation with lots of trial and error.  If you are going to  make the water splash from isomalt, be prepared for many breakages and many, many attempts to get the right 'look' :)  It may be easier to make the splash with fondant, but the downside of course is that it will not be transparent.

Good luck with the cake, I'm sure he will love it :)


Thanks.   I will definitely have to give it a try.  He'd absolutely love it.  I've never worked with isomalt before, but there's always a first for everything when it comes to cake decorating!  Thanks for not minding if I try it.  He would definitely love it if I can accomplish it!