Gravity Defying Cake

Gravity Defying Cake on Cake Central

I followed the amazing tutorial from Laura Loukaides and made this cake with my husband. He did all the structure and the measurements and I baked and decorated. We made it for a competition at his work (just a fun one) and started this cake at 4pm the day before it was due! Crazy but so much fun! Cake is caramel mud cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant.

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fantastic -- in less than 24 hours? get out of here! amazing -- so well done -- action cakes and trump l'oeil cakes are my favorites and here a brilliant combination -- glad to be one of the first to congratulate you -- did yous win? i should hope so! who could top that! unless he works at a pastry school or something :) 


Thanks K8!!! Yes, in a lot less than 24 hours, it was done by 10am the next day. Seriously the craziest thing I've ever done! And yep we won :)