Pretty Pink And Silver Girls Birthday Cake

Pretty Pink And Silver Girls Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Finally I get a girlie cake with free reign and my mind goes blank the day I have to decorate. I had all these fabulous ideas and then when it came time they had all vanished, aaargh! Please tell me I am not the only one this happens too. This is why I need to start sketching my cakes again. I used to do it religiously but have not for a while but I think this has confirmed I need too. Over all though I am pretty happy with how it turned out. They wanted these specific colors used and a bow and or letter or age on top. You guys know I cannot help but texturize so that top tier was easy but when it came to the bottom tier I was lost and I did not want to go with the norm which is ruffles or petals. I like to push myself more in new concepts and wanted something a little modern. I think the bottom tier still needs some tweaking in the future though. I think something is still missing. Anyways we are always our biggest critics, lol

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