Dogwood Flower Cake

I love it when you get total free reign on a design. The only request on this cake was flavor and that it included dogwood flowers. I never get asked for flowers so as scared to make them as I was I was so excited to finally get to do a cake that was different than my usual requests.

Textured tier on top with a airbrushed stencil on bottom. The stenciling did not quite turn out as cleanly as I had hopes but the uninformed color really grew on me so I left it that way which my client also really loved as she is an artist so liked that it was not perfect. For a first time with wired flowers I am actually really happy with how they turned out as well.

Comments (2)


Beautiful! In my opinion, what you may see as a flaw (airbrushing) I see as adding depth. Think it turned out wonderfully!