Autumn Impressions

Dear Friends – I’m happy to share with you a recent cake of mine that was created for a tutorial for Marvelous Molds (the tutorial will be published soon). But now, let me tell you a bit about the inspiration of the design and about some of the materials that were used:

“Autumn Impressions” is inspired by the work and colors of Van Gogh. The tiers are covered with fondant and all elements are made out of 50/50 mixture of gum paste and fondant. The flowers on the branch are made with gum paste. The bottom layer attempts to recreate the movement in the famous painting “Starry Night”, but in the color scheme of the cake. The effect is achieved by creating clusters of ruffles and a flow around them with fine frills. The second tier is adorned with an onlay pattern that is airbrushed with a pearl finish. The third tier displays a segment from one of the sunflower paintings of Van Gogh, but in a way that displays depth. The depth is achieved by carefully adhering the icing sheet on top of a mold. The frame is created by a collection of molds enhanced with powdered dust of the color scheme of the painting. The back of this tier repeats this technique, but with a different painting of the sunflowers. The branch contains seven roses in different stages of bloom and it also contains three clusters of delicate primroses with golden centers, all carefully dusted and steamed.


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