Albino Retriculated Python

Albino Retriculated Python on Cake Central

Made for a little girl who loves snakes! Head and tail tip are made from rice krispie treats. Coiled snake made from a 10" & 7" round with the tail being made from 1 10" round and 1 8" round. For the coiled snake: I carved 10" to look rounded and not perfectly round, then did the same for the 7", hollowing out the center a bit and using the hollowed out part to raise up a part of the round to give it depth. For the tail: Rounded the edges of each, cut a circle from the center and cut the whole cake in half, then rounded out the inside part (where you removed the circle from. I then pieced them together, sometimes cutting a semi circle in half to get a more relistic twisty/turny look. I covered the coiled part in one piece and the tail in many pieces, creating folds to cover up the edges. The head was placed on after and I used a pieced of fondant to blend and attach the head to the coiled snake part. The scales were made by using some stainless steel metal mesh I found at a hardware store. He was then hand painted in shades of egg yellow and yellow - diluted with vodka, with a light, light wash over the whole thing once it was done in a very light shade of yellow.


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