The 9 Tier 90+ Kilo Wedding Cake!!

Wow it's been a crazy month at Cupcake HQ, taking on Shelby and Jimmy's mammoth 9 tier cake, 220 bride and groom cupcakes plus cookies was a huge project for both me and the Glamorous crew! We have had a hectic but educational and often stressful journey but designing, creating and finishing the massive 90+kilo, 9 tier the cake was a huge learning curve and awesome expeience, lots of people asked questions so here are some facts for those interested The cake was made up of 5 x 12" hearts on the base then 8 tiers of sponge - genoise vanilla sponge on the 4 base tiers, then rich chocolate cake, vanilla and raspberry, lemon and moist fruit cake on the top, The sizes ranging from a whopping 20" down to the 6" fruit top tier, each tier measured a minimum 6" depth The table was a 6ft reinforced steel cake table. Standing on it with my team and the huge cake was an interesting and slightly worrying experience!! Each cake was Covered and filled with white chocolate ganache (that caused its own set of dramas) and required the hire of a large mobile chiller unit. they were then wrapped in ivory SUGARPASTE adourned with delicate white pearl edible lace made by our fab GA Lisa and prettyficated with thousands of hand made flowers, roses, ruffles and pearls each of the team played there own unique and invalueable part and we had help from the fabulous Liz and carly from frou frou cakes, Carly Jayne of Carly's Cupcakes, Carol, Fiona The spiral of flowers featured over 5000 individual flowers, ruffles and roses and 4000+ pearls, each rose took me 23 minutes to make and I made 75 in total! Sore fingers!! We had a huge mdf base board of 38" and the finished cake stood just short of 5feet tall. (Even getting this part done bought its own dramas) The flowers took me and 6 of our team over 200hrs to complete, each of the elements being made in 8 shades of pale pink, lilac, white and ivory. The internal structure was designed by me and bespoke built for the cake. It had a fixed central support pole and acrylic supports at every set of 2 tiers plus over 150 PVC dowels. The cakes were all cored and centred and on a cake drum and MDF base board under each set of two. We travelled the cake in sets of two tiers with the hearts fitted to the base from Cupcake HQ in bedford to the stunning Coombe Abbey in Warwick, the journey took 2hrs and was slow!!! Well done to emma and carly for getting them there safely, we took two cars and a huge transit. It was a scary drive!! Our day started at 6am I'd had 3hrs sleep! The set up took 6 of us over 5 hours. In the lead up We had problems, dramas, catastrophes and on Thursday evening I was a day and a half behind schedule!! It was terrifying, exhausting and the most educational cake experience of my life!! The first wedding cake Iv ever allowed any of my team to contribute to and delegation was tough, I'm sure at times my team hated me!! But they were all amazing at every step!! gladly when we arrived at the venue it couldn't have run smoother, the team were organised, structured and focused and the cake stacked, stood, balanced and worked perfectly!! The finished result was an amazing site and feeling!!! The bride, groom and family loved the cake and so did we It was a very proud moment for the entire CC Team!! At times i swore, cried, cursed, declared id never make a cake again and nearly went into hiding but today....well...I'm not in a rush to do it again anytime soon but I know for will be alot less dramatic, dare I say my team run for the hills,....... Next time


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