This Was For An Open House When The Business My Husband Works For Relocated To An Office Located Just East Of One Of The Runways At Pdx Alt

This was for an open house when the business my husband works for relocated to an office located just east of one of the runways at PDX. Although I worked from actual 737 blueprints, I had to modify the scale so it would be small enough to fit on the board and still feed dozens of people. To mitigate some of the "weight" of this chunkier version of the plane, I decided to cover the bottom half in black fondant. The engines help support the wings and are made of modeling chocolate. The scratch cake is butter cake with homemade raspberry cream filling. Plane is covered in LMF, the tail is modeling chocolate. I like to cover my boards with fun scrapbook paper and cover that with shrink wrapped gift bags so it's sealed nice and tight. In this case I printed an areal view of PDX and surrounding area. Including their office building, of course.

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