Just Some Flowers...

A friend of mine asked me the night before her birthday if I could make her a very simple Birthday cake… “just a square with a flower on top” she said. But she loves my red velvet and her daughters love my lemon cake…so she ask me if I could make half red velvet and half lemon cake… that gave me this idea… two flowers vases. It was a bit too much for the time that I had available to make it…but I baked them in the morning and decorated them in the afternoon…well I finish right on time for dinner. lol It’s not easy to do flowers and place them when they are fresh…let me tell you. What a thankless effort!!! But when I got to her home (a bit late…lol) and offered her the cake she was speechless… she was amazed with what I did in such a short amount of time and ask me if the cake was inside real vases…lol No everything is edible, she just couldn’t believed it. This is what I love about cake decorating… Hope you like it!!! TFL

Ana Remígio xxx


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