To Renew Our Promise

It was our sixth anniversary and we renewed our vows. This was the second of two cakes we served to family and friends. It's a red and white cake (one layer almond, one layer red velvet) filled with white chocolate buttercream, covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste. DH brought home the topper because, he said, it kind of looks like us. It's actually called "the anniversary". If you think its odd we renewed at six years its because DH lost his ring. Because he's missing the ring finger (industrial accident with a planer and a wet floor when he was 20) he wears it on a cord around his neck and I guess the cord broke. It was there one day gone the next. Anyway, he felt new rings meant new vows and I was happy to oblige since we eloped the first time. This time we had family and friends to celebrate with.


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