For This Wedding I Did 200 Cupcakes To Be Gifts For Each Guest In Addition To The Actual Wedding Cake Whew To Understand These Cupcakes

For this wedding, I did 200 cupcakes to be gifts for each guest, in addition to the actual wedding cake. Whew! To understand these cupcakes, you have to know that the groom proposed by burying the ring in the sand, and putting a sign saying "Dig Here". The cupcakes were made from BC white cake mix, tinted pink. The frosting was butter cream, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, and pearl dragees. The day of the wedding, I met the MOB and bridesmaids before the reception, and we added the ring and sign, and packaged them in upside down clear plastic cups. The second picture is the table of all 200 packaged cupcakes.

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