Sea Turtle

This was a cake done for a Youth for Christ dessert auction. Their theme was "Hawaiian Shirts and Hula Skirts" and I didn't want to do anything "expected". So, what could be more Hawaiian then a sea turtle? Perhaps one with hibiscus and leaf Hawaiian print on its shell! This one was turtle inside and out - Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake with caramel and pecan filling, covered in dark chocolate ganache. Cake is covered in fondant, hand carved shell plate design then hand painted. Head is RKT covered in modeling paste after using cobblestone texture mat (flippers modeling paste, too), airbrushed then hand painted (which didn't work as well on the modeling paste...color beaded up). The board is 1/2" foam core board airbrushed with gradated blue to convey depth then covered with heated light corn syrup and crushed graham cracker on the "beach". I added more corn syrup mixed with baking soda to the shoreline which initially had LOTS of foam and bubbles, but they gradually decreased. The Kayro syrup took about a day to dry; but was a great surface for the cake as it could be made tacky with water to attach the cake!


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