Hawaii Life!

This is Four Cakes of VanillaBean with Mango Curd Filling, Covered in White Chocolate with Coconut Ganache and Finished in Fondant. The Volcano is Cake Covered in Dark Chocolate Ganache, the Lava is CakePlay Isomalt Suger, The Palapa is made of Tamarindo Stickes with CakePlay Isomalt Sugar Roof, The Hawaiian Shirt is Hand Painted made from Fruit Rollup, the Palm Trees are Pretzel Covered in Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Covered Raisin Coconuts and Rice Paper Frawns, The Tiki is Made of Kinder Chocolate Bar and the Hawaiian Girl, Surfer, Wetsuit, Tanks, Flippers, Mask, Surfboard and Waves are Fondant.


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