Welcome To The Jungle, Baby!

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE, BABY! LOL. That's what I wanted to put on this cake, but wasn't sure the mom to be would approve of the kind of jungle the classic song refers to, ha ha.I tried to have a little fun with this jungle baby shower cake, anyway, and I really liked how it came out. It's vanilla with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting. All the decorations are marshmallow fondant and all are hand formed. Proportionately, that giraffe annoys me, but heres my defense: I stayed up until 3 am making this cake so it would be done and I'd be free for the BSU-TCU game (heartbreaker though it was!). By the time I finished I was a bit delusional, lol. Hence the monkey feet which are anatomically backwards, ha ha! Ah, well, still better than a monkey could do (I hope). : )


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