Mini Cupcake Bonfire

Cake board was covered with a large piece of green craft foam which was glued on with a hot glue gun. Brown craft foam was cut into strips to look like logs and also glued on (I love my glue gun!). Mini cupcakes were frosted with yellow/orange swirled buttercream and stacked up like a pyramid. I crushed red, orange and yellow LifeSavers and baked then on a wax paper covered cookie sheet in the oven until they were melted and bubbling. I took the cookie sheet out and tapped the edges to get the melted candies to run together. Once cooled, I peeling it from the wax paper, broke it into small pieces and stuck them into the frosted cupcakes. Be careful when eating because the "fire" pieces were actually somewhat sharp... and they will re-melt in the hot, humid Florida summer.


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