Shark Cake!

I did this cake for my friend, Dawn Smith's, 40th birthday. She loves sharks and had jokingly asked me to make her one many times. Altho Dawn and I have known each other for 5 yrs we had never met face to face. In 2007 we met in cyberland on an ostomy support forum after we both almost died from colon ruptures only 2 months apart. She helped me keep my sanity thru what was the absolute worst time of my life, bar none. We became very close and she's like a sister to me, however we live in different countries so meeting face to face was a bit difficult. She lives in New Hampshire and I live in Toronto...but I told her I was going to meet her this year, one way or another. So her 40th birthday rolled around and her lovely girlfriend, Susan, and I planned it all out and my BF and I drove down to surprise her. It was epic! :) There were tears...very happy ones. :,))


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