Polar Bear Snow Globe

Polar Bear Snow Globe on Cake Central

Polar Bear Snow Globe I sculpted a polar bear with a red scarf, a gray seal, a tree with snow on it, and a six pack of cola from fondant a few days in advance so they could dry.

I cut the top from a 2 liter clear soda bottle and trimmed it to the size I needed. Then I used a paint brush and dabbed white syrup on the inside and then sprinkled Wilton white cake sparkles inside to adhere to the syrup to give it the snowflake look. I formed a top for my globe from white fondant and added a blue fondant snowflake and piped on it with white butter cream to complete it.

The bottom tier of the cake consists of 1-8 inch round strawberry cake and 1- 8 inch beveled round strawberry cake I placed them on a 10 inch cake circle, stacked them with icing between the layers and then covered the sides and top with blue buttercream icing. I made white snow flake designs and scallops on the sides. I drew tip 3 stripes from the scallops to the bottom of the cake. I added the dots above the scallops. Then, I added a white shell border. I added 5 dowels cut to the top of the icing for the support of the top tiers. I used the 6 inch separator plate from my Fluted Bowl Separator set to help support the top layers.

The top tier consists of 2-6 inch round white cakes and 1-5 inch round white cake For the top layers, I placed them on a 6 inch cake circle, icing between each layer and then covered them with white buttercream icing. I piped blue snowflakes on the side and 3-tube 18 stars of blue between each snowflake. I placed the cakes on the cake circle on the separator plate on top the 8 inch cakes. I piped a white shell border on the bottom and then piped a blue shell border on top of it. Then, I placed the animals and tree I had made of fondant on the top layer. Then, I added the globe I had made and then piped a blue butter cream shell border around the bottom of the globe.


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