Cookie Jar Cake

85th birthday cake. Mom and dad got this cookie jar for a wedding present 65 years ago. It is a treasured item that was only "cold painted", meaning the paint was not fired on, and very soon all the paint was washed off. Mom has repainted the colors on the cookie jar many times over the years. Our family sees that little chick as an icon. I carved the cake from memory because it was a surprise party. It is a towered cake, supported by two levels of support. Every third layer has the straws/cake board support. The head was built separate from the body and then placed on at the party. There is a dowel rod driven down the center of the body but not the head. Many of the guests thought it was part of the decorations. They had no ideat it was the cake until we got ready to cut it. On the second photo, the recipe cards and beehive measuring cups are made using tylose-added fondant and the writing on them is done with food color pens


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