Pink And Brown Layer Cake

I've never taken a class....I really want and need to! Buttercream icing adding a little pink and brown coloring. Wilton White Fondant added Brown and used plastic pearls. Flower (tastes horrible) and Pearl aren't edible. I put this together to get practice with Buttercream icing smoothing using Viva Paper Towel method. As you can see I didn't succeed. Decide to add my own touch around the sides and used a toothpick while turning on turntable. I used a hand mixer for the Buttercream....wondering if it caused air bubbles which made smoothing impossible. I used a crumb coat, chilled added final icing and let crust before using Viva paper towel. I tried dipping spatula in warm water (and drying)...maybe my icing was too thin. Any suggestions on smoothing are appreciated. Thanks!


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