Bake Sale For Our Brother

We did a bake/garage sale to raise money for our brother who has epilepsy, he needed to go down to UCLA for a brian surgery to see if he was eligible for another brian surgery. We had Cupshakes = strawberry cupcakes, ganache and buttercream, Velvet Red Cupcakes = red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, Coco Coconut Cupcakes = chocolate cupcakes with coconut frosting and Sunshine Cupcakes = vanilla cupcakes with fresh lemon buttercream frosting. Boise State Colored cake pops which were red velvet with cream cheese frosting, Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone sugar cookies and Turn Your World Upside Downie Brownie!! Everything was such a hit, we were so happy and so humbled by people willing to give!! It was a great day!


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