Shopping Cart Cake

This cake was done in 5 hours and I am amazed at the result. Although there are alot of imperfections, it was done for free and was used more as a learning curve. Structure was pvc pipes, basket was cake and accents made from fondant.

@ brightbrats. I am not sure how to send an individual message so I will put it on here. For starters this was a challenge. Not sure how I would change up the process next time but I am sure that I would. I used a 12x12 wood board and all of the piping used is 1/2". The pvc piping is screwed into the board at the base of the handle. I used green foam (like for fake flowers) for the floor board. I had to cut out a section to fit around the base of pvc piping. I actually covered the floor w/blk foil and topped it w/white fondant and painted squares. You will have to use something to fill in the space between the pvc piping and the connecting joints before covering it w/fondant with a "smooth" layer of fondant. ( ie modeling chocolate, extra fondant). I believe the cake was about 5" at the narrow end and 8" on the wider end. It was 2, 2" layers. Underneath the cake, I hot glued a thin wood board to the PVC to support the cake. I carved it a bit to get an angle while it was on there. Iced, covered in fondant. airbrushed a bit of color (could also paint products or do edible images but I didn't have time). Used fondant for the metal basket wire but it kept breaking. I would probably use gumpaste next time around. Same for the food in the basket. I will caution you that the cake does weigh down on the pvc. I actually put a wooden mallet under the basket during transport for support. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have questions. Maybe you can share w/me if you have success doing things a little different. I would like to give this one another try eventually:)


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