Pizza Delivery!

Pizza Delivery! on Cake Central

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza. This is my first Pizza cake. I wasn't too sure how to create it and really wanted it to look like the real thing. After spending $10 on different kinds of fruit leather, I found one that sort of resembled pepperoni. The cake is a 12" round, single layer cake, torted and covered in MMF. I colored jet puffed marshmallow with ivory gel coloring and then spread some on the outside of the "crust". I then used a small torch to give it the baked look. I used Strawberry Preserves as the sauce, fruit leather as pepperoni, and cut mushrooms from fondant. I shaved white chocolate for the cheese and then drizzled some melted white chocolate on the very top layer to give it a finished look. (I went to the local pizza place and they gave me a couple of boxes so I could really give it that delivery feel.) TFL.

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I will never understand why no one ever comments on here! SUPER great job! Looks like a real pizza! Excellent! Making 8 mini's this weekend. A pizza place gave me the boxes.