Tifany on Cake Central

This was a 6 tier cake. The bottom layer was 18 inch round 4 cakes(2 in cakes) the next layer was a 16 in 2 (2 in cakes), next up was 14 in 4 cakes (2 inch cakes), next up was the 12 in 2 cakes(2 in cakes), next was 10 in 4 cakes( 2 inch cakes), and the top was an 8 in 2 cakes(2 in cakes. According to Wilton's Chart it fed around 826 people (serving a 1x4 piece) When the cake was on the table it was taller than the Groom who was 6'. It was wrapped in ivory fondand and sprayed with a pearly dew. The decorations on the top tier were done out of royal icing two layer scroll pattern, bottom color ivory top color sprayed in gold. The other tier decorations were also made out of royal icing The second tier was hand make fondant flowers. At the base of each layer were pearls that were dusted with pearl dust.


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