Pascal from Tangled cake done for Kolbi, my most loyal customer who turned 7 this year! My husband used his new welder to construct a frame for this one so Pascal didn't have to be lying down (I'm so blessed to have a husband who enjoys my hobby nearly as much as I do!). Pascal's body is Chocolate Cavity Maker with Marion berry filling and head and tail are RKT and Candy Clay - both covered in fondant and airbrushed; side bday cake also covered in fondant, fondant details. Mini cupcakes dipped in Candy Melts and then covered in Candy clay imprinted with design that mimicked the feel of the movie. Two things on this cake that bothered me and probably will forever.... First, I did not emboss the fondant I used to cover the body thinking I could do it once it was on the cake - bad idea - so the head and tail have a nice scaly appearance and the body doesn't! Second, my original design included a tail that was color shifting to match the bday cake (he's a chameleon after all).... I just ran out of time. Had I known that would happen, I'd have curled the tail in that adorable Pascal fashion! If anyone else wants to use that idea, I'd love to see the results!!!


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