Hockey Puck Cake With Jackal Mascot

Hockey Puck Cake With Jackal Mascot on Cake Central

This is a chocloate cake with chocolate ganache filling and whipped ganache frosting. Then I covered with a chocolate lid and chocoalte cuffs, finally topped with the mascot paque. I used melted candy/chocolate wafers with the Frozen Buttercream Transfer Technique (check out You Tube for tutorials) to make a paque of the school mascot. I used strips of transparency sheets cut to the height of the cake to make chocolate transfers around the cake for a solid "Yockey Puck" look. I pour a solid piece of chocolate in a round lid (lined with parchment paper) the same diameter of the cake to place on the top. I used a hot knife to trim the chocolate lid and cuffs so they fit tightly. Then I "glued" the mascott plaque on top with icing.

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