Alabama Purse

Alabama Purse on Cake Central

Chocolate cake 3 layers high iced and filled with light cocoa buttercream; carved in the shape of a purse, then crumbcoated again; chilled, then covered in ivory fondant.I layed a strip of fondant longways in the middle of the purse and marked it like a zipper, then painted it with edible silver airbrush paint. Then, layed 2 strips of fondant along the top to partially cover the zipper like a real purse. I covered all 4 corners and the bottom edge with strips of black fondant. All pieces were marked with "stitches". I cut a 31/2 inch wide strip of black fondant and centered a strip of edible image (black and white design), then folded the edges of fondant inward. Then I marked the strips with the stitching. I made buckle loops for each end of the purse out of ivory fondant. All of the "metal pieces were molded and painted ahead of time out of gumpaste. I make my own molds out of silicone. I attached the black fondant purse strap to the silver rings and layed it over the back of the purse. All make-up was made ahead of time out of gumpaste and fondant. Everything is edible.


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