First Love

First Love is dedicated to me :) It is my first attempt at covering a cake with fondant (mmf).. first time using Sugarveil.. and my very first use of my cricut machine. Also used a pasta maker to press the purple ribbon.. this was obviously a first for me too :) I have taught myself by flicking through the vast and helpful information, ideas and tips found in the CC forums (thanks to all!) I also found a great site called that has 'how to' video tutorials.. here is where I learnt how to crumb coat and lay fondant (used my own homemade buttercream recipe.. delicious!). Using the Sugarveil was a unique experience.. such and amazing product.. seriously though, I think I fluked it first time round lol. As I did with my first use fo the Cricut Cake.. omg how in love I am with this machine. Perfect cut with the sugarveil first time round. I was happy with how the cake turned out visually and it was also so damn tasty without being sickly.. bonus!


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