Wwe Wrestling Birthday Cake

This cake was for Zeke who was celebrating his eighth birthday. It's a 10-inch chocolate square, filled with chocolate buttercream, covered with vanilla buttercream. The ring floor is covered with fondant to give support for the little action figures his sister (the one who hired me) wanted to put on the cake so they wouldn't sink in. All lettering and the logo is made of fondant. The chairs are made of gumpaste. The corner posts were made up fondant, but they never dried hard enough and kept bending under the weight of my Twizzler Pull-n-Peel ropes, hence the ugly yellow strings. I had such a picture of this cake in my head, and it did not live up... but I learned a lot, and Zeke;s sister was thrilled with it; I am sure Zeke will be as well. Oh well...

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