Simple Round Wedding Cake

This cake was an absolute nightmare :P The bride wanted it 7" tall, and after researching I decided that i should put a support board and dowels after the bottom 3.5". I used bubble straws the... ahem... first attempt, but the cake was carrot cake and was too heavy and it collapsed on itself at 1:30 AM the day the cake was due.... SO i started from scratch, worked all night and day and delivered this beauty at 5:00 PM. It turned out ok, but I don't know if I'll ever want to do another wedding cake.

The fondant was also a little tricky! The bride wanted these vertical lines like a cake she saw in a magazine (i think decorated with buttercream and a comb), but with fondant. I'm happy I got to make this cake for her, but sad that I underestimated how stressfull it would be!


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