Louis Vuitton Shopper Monogram Etoile Purse Cake

Ahh,.. i have happy when i got this late order for a Louis Vuitton purse cake. And I was glad it wasn't the speedy, since i did that one already, i was ready for a new purse style. This one carved quite nicely. Some of the detail work was a pain because i was on such a short time constriction. Had a small mishap with the first batch of cake, i was flipping it out of the pan to cool and it all fell on my feet. I don't know how i managed to miss the table , entirely. I tried a new fondant today from Satin Ice. The Dark/Chocolate. I have always used Wilton, but for this project i decided to skip ahead and get pre-made instead of of mixing the color myself. I must say i am very happy with the product. It tastes great. and it was nice to work with. The consistency was much different that what i'm used to, but i made it work by rolling it thicker. If my local store decided to carry the Satin Ice regular white fondant i wold be willing to give it a try as well. This was a Chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream, on of my most popular combos.


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