They look real, don't they? They are made from Mexican Paste and dusted with six various colors of petal dust. I made them for a friend who is using them on a cake next month. They are made over real river rocks and are LOTS of fun to do. I flipped one over in the front so you can see what the underneath looks like. The other picture is the hundreds of fondant blossoms I made as well for this cake. She's planning on stacking the rocks against one another sprinkled with blossoms. I think it will be awesome!! Thanks for looking! :D

Edited to say I've just added the final cake picture that me and Cindy worked on. It's really her cake but I doweled, stacked, made the blossoms and rocks for it. I'm posting it with her permission as well as the permission of the bride and groom. I think it turned out great!!


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