My First (And Last) Wedding Cake

I think this cake gave me a few gray hairs! I was so nervous and wish I could go back and do many things differently on it. My brother and SIL asked me to make their wedding cake. I said I would do it as my gift to them. My SIL provided me a picture of what she wanted. I'm not sure who made the original cake, so I don't know who to give credit to. So if you recognize the design, let me know! I was going to make 10-12-16 size cakes, but I was having a lot of problems with the larger cakes not baking right. We were going to use fresh flowers but decided to use gum paste/fondant roses instead. I tried adding dew drops using melted sugar. It looked okay at first, the the droplets got cloudy and just looked like white flecks. I should have used piping gel... My butter cream cracked horribly, the tiers bulged even after I let them settle, and the lettering was of center and not spaced correctly. I added fondant pearls as a last ditch effort to fill in empty spaces. The flower on the top tier was inspired by Ron Ben-Israel. They said they liked the cake, but I was embarrassed by it and knew it could have been better. It was white cake with vanilla rum soaking syrup, and Mexican vanilla bean butter cream.


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