Beer on Cake Central

Thank you all for looking, I know a lot of poeple are curious about how structurally I pulled this off. I used two metal coat hangers, and bent them in a circle on one end and taped them underneath the base of the cake. I ran the tape straight up to the point where it bends to the fit the beer bottle over top at an angle. Then I took my four stacked six inch frosted round cakes ; then cut half way through on one side, then slid all four cakes around the coat hanger. Then I glued on the stiff fondant painted with wood grain; my handle was rice krispie treats, but then had issues with the handle and haven't perfected a method for it yet . The foam is meringue and the beer pouring from the suspended bottle was stiff buttercream. Also , the bottles were real beer bottles. If you attempt this be careful the wire sway quite a bit once the beer bottle is put on the hanger. Keep in mind you may need to add some feet to the base so it is level. I hope I answered everyone's questions , please message me for any furthur information.

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