Steampunk Cake

This is my labor of love for the steampunk cake contest. I LOVE the steampunk style and have been immersed in the culture for years now. It was hard to pick out favorite parts of the steampunk culture to incorporate into a cake since there are SO MANY fun parts to represent! In the end,I wanted to just highlight a few key elements. Cake, copper, wood, ornate victorian detailing, steam power. I wanted the cake to look like it could roll around on its own steam power so I included wheels and pipes. I raised the board slightly to make the cake appear to be supported by the wheels. Can't forget the gears! To me, if steampunk had a mascot, it would be the octopus so I made a little one for the topper to complete the look. Everything was created with sugar, and fondant. Thank you CC for this awesome contest!!! Most fun I've ever had making a cake :)


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