Bathroom Cake

Bathroom Cake on Cake Central

Did this for a friend at work who kept telling people all month that "all she wants for her birthday is for her bathroom renovations to be completed."

They weren't.

We gave her this instead.

Bathtub made of RKT pressed into a loaf pan, carved and covered in fondant. "Impaled" on 4 wooden dowels hidden in the legs. Bubbles around the rubber duck are tapioca!

Had fun with this. Super-easy to make, but wish I'd had time to do a little "soap on a rope", curved shower head, shampoo bottles, etc. I'd made piping gel for the water and left it in the saucepan on the stove to cool down, but hubby threw it out when he was doing my dishes. Used blue buttercream instead. Couldn't be mad at him.


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